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Print On Demand Business for T-shirt Printing

We have gathered all the information needed to design a t-shirt for you. From the planning stage of t-shirt designing to the T-shirt printing stage, we have compiled for you what you need to do and which t-shirt design programs you can use.

Graphic Formats For Your T-shirt Designing

Vector Graphics vs Raster graphics

Both graphic formats have their advantages and disadvantages. You can decide which graphic type to choose based on your design type.

Raster images consist of pixels only, such as output from a digital camera or scanner. Web images and digital images are often raster. When raster graphics are enlarged, distortions occur in the picture, which we call pixelation. During the printing made on the t-shirt, these pixelations will be printed as they are. If you are working on a raster image, plan the print size to be 30 cm wide and at 300 dpi resolution. If you do not have a work of this resolution, do not panic, our designers can get good results even with low resolution images by using special software.

Raster file formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc., in addition to PSD if you use Adobe Photoshop.

Vector images are a graphic format that is created with mathematical expressions and therefore can be scaled to any size without losing detail. It is a little more difficult to detail the drawings in vector graphics, it has a unique style. We generally prefer vectorial drawings in designs that consist of only typographic elements (font - font). Thus, we can print without losing the sharpness and quality in the sizing we want. But it is not possible to make photographic details with vectors.

Vector file formats: EPS, SVG and AI (Illustrator) are the most common vector formats.

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Software's List for T-shirt Designing:

When choosing the t-shirt design program you will use, you can decide according to your own budget and work discipline. For example, do you draw and digitize manually or do you use photo editing tools such as photoshop after taking a photo. Or are you making vector drawings? Whichever way you prefer, you can find programs that will work for you below.


Graphic Editing Software's:


If your t-shirt design is in the style of photography, painting and so on, you should choose these image editing tools. Sometimes you will even need to create your design using multiple software. We have listed the software suitable for every budget and frequently used by the Kammana design team.


Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is used by many professional graphic designers. It has more features than other software. This makes the price a bit more expensive than other options. You can check the current price on your website, but it comes with a price option of TL 132.16 / month in 2020. Photoshop is both a photography and design tool, that is, professional photographers and graphic designers also use it. In fact, you won't be using all of these features, as it appeals to a wider range of users. It is possible to make many designs you can make with Photoshop with software that you can only pay once or use for free.

Affinity Photo: Our favorite and preferred software is Affinity Photo. Everything you can do with Photoshop is also possible with this software. The price and performance ratio is great. We can say that the Kammana team is the editor's choice. We both reduced our costs and the results we achieved received positive feedback from our customers. Affinity Photo, known as Professional Image Editing software, can be purchased for a one-time fee of 350 TL. With a one-time purchase, you have the right to use all new versions of the software for free.

GIMP: Well, I don't want to pay any fees, but if you still want to make great t-shirt designs, there is an option for you. GIMP is open source and free software. GIMP, which requires a little more effort to learn than other options, but you can solve after watching a few videos of use, will support you free of charge in bringing your designs to life.

Vector Editing Software's

What if the design you will apply will be in vector format, then the software you will recommend for you will be as follows.


Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator, which is preferred by professional graphic designers, is still an option that offers the most options and features, but is a more expensive alternative than others. The Raster to Image feature comes to the fore, but you will learn from scratch, compared to other software, the interface may be a little more complicated at first.


Affinity Designer: Your design includes vector elements and you want to use a licensed graphic design program for a one-time payment only. Affinity Designer is for you. It contains all the tools that you can easily bring your designs to life, if your design will contain both raster graphics and vector graphics, it works in harmony with affinity photo. You can get the Affinity designer fee by paying 350 TL for one time. There is no tool to turn raster graphics into vector on the product yet, this is the only drawback. But do not forget that you can edit both raster and vector graphics through this software.

Inkscape: It is a free and open source vector editing software. It comes with a plugin that you can convert raster graphics to vector and works very well. Kammana Design Yourself Page: In addition to the above options, you can easily design a t-shirt or similar garment you like using the T-shirt design tool on our website.

Kammana Custom T-shirt Designer: In addition to the above options, you can easily design a t-shirt or similar garments using our T-shirt design tool on our website.